Jingdong large karst cave, known as "the first a


Jingdong karst cave has a history of about 1.5 billion years. It is known as "the first ancient cave in the world". The four seasons in the cave are different.

Jingdong karst cave is about 1.5 billion years old. The ancient address age, unique stratigraphic lithology and unique landscape are Jingdong karst cave, which not only has unique aesthetic appreciation value and scientific research value, but also has the reputation of "the first ancient cave in the world". The scenery here is different in four seasons and has its own beauty: birds sing in spring, cool in summer, red mountains in autumn and cold and high in winter.

The landscape in the cave is crystal clear, warm in winter and cool in summer, with constant temperature in four seasons. The whole venue is more than 2500 meters, including 200 waterways. It is divided into eight scenic spots: Penglai fairyland, Jiangnan Spring rain, shuilian cave, etc; It includes dozens of landscapes, sacred fire lanterns, west wind rolling curtains, Kunpeng Aoxue, etc. the stone tubes, stalagmites, stone towers, stone curtains, stone people, stone animals, stone flowers, stone pearls, stone stalactites, etc. deposited in the cave are all colorful and eye-catching. Through hundreds of millions of years, the magical power of nature has carved out unspeakable features and wonders. Among them, the most spectacular is the "dragon painting book" carved on the cave wall for the first time in the world, like a winding long dragon, whistling for nine days, which is amazing.

Since the discovery of Jingdong karst cave, the original address and landform have been well preserved. Visitors can not only watch the original karst landscape at a close distance, but also enjoy the unique fun of karst cave exploration.